At Russells we provide part livery, full livery or DIY livery. It is tailored to you and your horses needs and allows flexibility.  With all you can adjust the routine to work with your schedule week days bring in by staff is part of your livery.

  • DIY Livery is £41 per week  (£164 per month) Stable, turnout and facilities provided
  • Part Livery is £100 per week (£400 per month) Stable, turnout, facilities and 5 weekdays muck out / turnout / put to bed (Monday – Friday)
  • Full Livery is £150 per week (£600 per month) As part livery 7 days a week and includes hay and bedding

(For assisting DIY liveries when needed)
Turnout – £2
Bring In – £2
Turnout or Bring in + Rug change – £3
Rug changes – £2
Pick out feet – £1
Leg wash – £2
Hay – £1
Make up feed – £2
Muck out – £5
Evening skip out – £4
Put to bed (hay, feed, rugs) – £5
Holding for the vet (per ½ hr) – £5
Poo picking (per hour) – £10

Please note that any services not listed are outside of the normal routine (fence fixing, horse loading etc.) will be charged at £2.50 per 15 mins. Invoices will be raised on Friday of each week and are Due for Payment on Receipt!
Failure to pay over 2 weeks will result in withdrawal of services until the bill is settled!  

Any queries please call/text Verity 07561556316 / 02380473693  
Please note all services must be requested between 7am and 11am if they are to be done the same day! Horses are to be seen to by the owners by 11am or they will be done and the owners charged